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Warranty, Manufacture & Materials


Many manufacturers do not offer a specific warranty, however we know our product is designed for durability and will stand the test of time. We are therefore pleased to offer a full 1 year warranty on our furniture.

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase. (Please retain your original receipt as proof of purchase).

Manufacture Process

Thoughtfully crafted, our furniture is designed to withstand the harsh Australian elements and conditions, it is in fact ideal for the tropical climate and salt air exposure.

European in design, our furniture is built using time-honoured joinery techniques with extensive use of mortise and tenon joint secured by teak dowels. The smooth feel of the pieces comes from hand finishing with fine sandpaper.

Our timbers are selected for the durability, grain and colouring. Our products are manufactured to last, as special attention is paid to the drying process. Our timbers are dried to between 8% and 10% moisture content which maximises resistance to weather. The result is solid heavy pieces with generous dimensions. Our aim is to provide design inspired furniture, without compromise to quality, at competitive prices.

Material Specifications


'A' grade premium quality Burmese teak is used in all of our furniture. The benefits of Burmese Teak in comparison to Indonesian Teak (used by many manufacturers)are the high oil contents which provide durability, pro-longed life span, a beautiful colour and finish. Burmese timber is fully settled with a maximum oil content due to the age and maturity of the timber. The higher the oil content the more the timber will resist rotting, insect infestations, cracking and splitting. A good indication of age is also in the colour. High quality teak is honey or coffee in colour with grain pattern. A poorer quality timber such as Indonesian Teak is paler in colour and higher in water content which then leads to rotting, cracks, swells and bleeds in a very short period of time due to it's immaturity.

Stainless Steel

High quality 304 grade stainless steel fittings are used in our furniture. This grade is suitable for the outdoors and offers durability in heavy use environments.

Pure Anodised Aluminium

Used in portions of the furniture framework, this product is rust-free and long lasting, extremely strong and highly resistant to corrosion. This high quality metal is Anodised for further protection, a process which makes the aluminium hard-wearing and easy to care for. It also provides a lovely satin finish.

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